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Our products will make your life more convenient. We develop products by knowing your business. Our products are an efficient & cost effective way out to increase your business.

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Autos Inventory Management System

You are setting the pace for them… Ever had a look at yours? Though you are speeding up the lives of your customers, you have never thought about raising your own momentum!!! As if you are a believer like that of the peo....   

Patient Information Management System

The web application is designed to manage the outdoor patients of any hospital or clinic. It can be used in chambers as well. It helps you keep the patient records in detail and manage their treatment records. Its three ....   

Service Management System

Service management system maintains your service information and keeps them up to date. The system is automated to create service quotation, prepare bills, challan and maintains the service information of products. A bet....   

Tower Management System

A desktop application created to maintain a tower or apartment house. It keeps the complete information of the occupants. It can handle unlimited numbers of flat information and their fare, utility bills and other expens....   

Mass Email Marketing System

The application is able to send mass emails from the database. Online marketing is made easy by the system. You can reach your offer and product description to thousands of people within a simple click. Its database allo....   
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